Nothing works as well, I love them!” Three of my children suffer from eczema and allergies. Your cloths work better than chemicals or other fibre products which is another win for the environment!   Thanks.
Dana Study General Manager EnviroCare Holdings

For me it is about results...!"
I now clean a home in half the time and have noticed they stay cleaner.  My clients appreciate that I clean in a safe, green way and have time to do extra jobs for them.
Rosa Ribeiro Professional Cleaner

“Good for our business.”
Chi cloths are incredible cleaning ‘tools as clean quickly withoutfuss or hassle and that’s our bottom line. Our customers notice and comment on our “green” practices.
Cath Fairbairn Café Owner

“I am excited about Chi Cleaning…”  and so is my husband who does our cooking. Who could resist saving hundreds of dollars a year on cleaning products!   
Mary O’Brien Frantic Working Mother.

“We have converted!!”
Chi products have completely changed how I feel about cleaning around the children in my care. So safe, so little effort and cleaner surfaces, especially for their playthings.  This is appealing to me as a busy professional.
Kate Hill Childcare Centre

"We feel lucky to have ‘Chi’ “ and recommend them to our clients who are always asking us how we get our clinic windows so clear?  It just feels right for us as we didn’t want chemicals in our work environment and now our clients have access to these great products too.”                                           
Mandy and Samantha Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioners

They don’t leave streak marks and lint like other cloths.
I am very interested in cleaning without the hassle of carting around buckets or other cleaning items!!  I am impressed by this technology.
Bruno Annetta, Science Teacher

“All the grease came off easily with a just damp cloth!!!”
My cooktop normally needs a ‘Jiff’ type cleaner and elbow grease.  I am astonished.
Ruth Doering Busy Person!

“Your Customer service is first class…”
Our staff are amazed at how effective and easy your products are to use even on our most challenging cleaning jobs. I am relieved not to have associated OHS risks to clients or staff as with normal cleaning practises.  Thanks for your generous support.
Heather Wallach Director Estate D-Clutta