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Convert Your Life Pack -The whole lot at a stunning price

The most economical way to get everything you need clean your home, inside and out, car, boat, caravan etc chemically free for years. Empty out your chemical cupboard now and start to save!

Includes:2 blue and 2 pink flexi all purpose cleaning cloths, 1 duster, 2 glass/mirror cloths, DVD/optical cloth, 1 floor cleaning system (mop plus 1 wet and 1 dry pad), 1 car cleaning glove and 1 car polishing shammy.

Valued at $240

Extra Bonus: This pack includes free Delivery within Australia. Valued at $15

Buy today for $205 Amazing Saving $50


Get started pack

The starter pack of 4 cloths is a great way to see how effectively the cloths dust, clean and polish. You will soon be upgrading to the Convert Your Life Pack as these cloths are so impressive!! (see Upgrade Pack)

Includes: 1 blue and 1 pink flexi all purpose cleaning cloths, 1 dusting cloth and 1 glass/mirror cloth

Valued at $70

Buy today for only $60


Upgrade Pack

You have tried the Starter Kit and now you want more!! This pack will upgrade you to a ‘Convert Your Life”. Pack includes: 1 blue and 1 pink flexi all purpose cleaning cloth, 1 glass/mirror cloth, 1 complete auto kit, 1 floor system, 1 heavy duty mitt, and 1 DVD/optical cloth.

Buy today for $170

Extra Bonus: This pack includes free Delivery within Australia. Valued at $15 and take $10 off Postage to New Zealand. 


Flexi Cloth Replacement Pack

These most heavily used cloths may need replacing before others.

Includes: 4 flexi all purpose cleaning cloths (2 blue and 2 pink).
Valued at $60

Buy today for only $55


Floor Cleaning System

Leaves a hygienic residue-free polished surface that is almost dry for added saftey. Comes with dry dusting pad for sweeping and wet pad for washing. Once used the pads can be laundered clean for next use so no more wet smelly mops.

Mop has an extendable handle and swivel head which allows the mop to reach under furniture and into high places.

Dry Pad for sweeping floors, dusting walls, ceilings, architraves, under furniture or anywhere when you want to clean quickly and effectively. Pads are oversized which makes it perfect for corners and difficult places to reach. Dust clings to the pad so rooms are fresher and healthier. Pet owners and renovators will love it! An amazing way to clean wood in preparation for painting and varnishing.

Wet pad for washing polished floors, tiles, vinyl & lino, cork and slate, walls, ceilings. This is too simple really. Use the pad almost dry. You can do the whole floor in a fraction of the time you would traditionally spend. If you have a large area and the mop becomes a little dry you can simple splash half a cup of water on the floor and continue cleaning. If the floors are particularly dirty you can remove the pad rinse in hot water and then proceed with your clean. If you encounter an extra dirty patch simply apply some pressure with your foot on the head as you go over the area and the dirt will lift.

Heavy duty pad, available as an extra, is great for outdoor areas such as wooded decks and tiled areas. Great on Lino Floors too

Windows and High places: The wet pad can also be used to wash outdoor windows or any window that is too high up to reach. You may like to dust first with the dry pad then go over with the wet then for finishing off you can tuck the green glass cloth over the wet pad into the four holes in the head and polish the windows.

Laundering: Hot soapy wash required for soiled cloths. Sometimes just flicking or brushing the dust off the dusting pad outside can be sufficient between uses.

Packs: Also available in Economy Packs

Floor System (Mop plus wet and dry pad) Valued at $75 order today for $65

Includes: Mop plus wet and dry pad.



Complete Auto

Size: Generously sized 60X35 cm

All you need for a completely clean polished car inside and out that has that immaculate look of a professionally detailed car.

Takes half the time, requires very little effort and only uses a bucket of water.  These amazing Chi products will not scratch or leave lint on your car.

Valued at $40 Today’s Discount Price: $35

Includes: Auto Glove and the Shammy.