care instructions  

Care Instructions

Our wish is that you enjoy using your Chi Cloth so they will give you years of good service.  Here are some simple instructions for the best care of your cloths. If you have any question please contact us by phone, fax or email or contact your Chi Consultant.

Washing your cloth

Laundering the cloths is simple.  Chi Cloths pick up and hold so much dirt, washing them correctly is important.  Hot soapy wash, between 60-90 degrees, opens the fibres and releases the dirt and bacteria from your cloths. This is essential to clean them thoroughly and keep them working well. If you don’t normally use a hot wash, the cloths can be soaked in a bucket of hot soapy water, and then laundered in your cold wash.  Rinse thoroughly.  

Cloths are best line dried. (Cloths will dry in a third of the time of cotton.)  Do not wash them with items that produce lint such as towels.  Can be washed in laundry bag.

Do not use:

Fabric Softener which blocks the fibres and compromises the electrostatic ability of the cloth, and causes streaking.  Boil cloth in plain water if this happens.

Chlorine (bleach) Bleach will cause the fibres to break up resulting in a change in the structure of the fibre and optimal efficiency compromised

Clothes Dryer All Chi cloths are lint free.  In the dryer the statically charged cloth will attract fluff from other materials.

Trouble Shooting –If streaking ever occurs when you are using the cloths it is either because the cloth has become clogged with dirt or the water the cloth was cleaned in was not hot enough.  Rewash the cloth in very hot soapy water to release the dirt. 


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