ultra microfibre - benefits of chi  

At last there is a way to clean our homes that is:
S ustainable
A ffordable
F ast, Fun and
E ffective

A recent innovation in Australia that has been highly successful in Europe for many years. Consumption of chemical cleaners in Sweden has been reduced dramatically (75 to 80 percent) and now we have the same opportunity in Australia using Chi Cleans cloths. There is no more sustainable way to clean!

Yes! By investing in Chi Clean’s robust and long lasting cloths you will save hundreds of dollars every year. No more chemicals and cleaning equipment to buy.

How Fast? How Fun?

  • All done in half the time! Simply wet your cloth, wipe the surface then go and put your feet up!!
  • Chi Cloths hold an enormous amount of dirt eliminating the need for frequent rinsing. Surfaces remain cleaner for longer. No need to clean off sticky chemical residues left behind with traditional cleaning which also attract dirt and bacteria.
  • Don’t waste another minute spraying, rinsing off chemicals or scrubbing, and lugging bottles and heavy buckets around or agonising over which chemical cleaners to buy!!
  • So safe and simple to use you can involve your whole household saving even more time.
  • Chi Cleaning is fast and fun! a big claim for a task that has hardly had this reputation. Try it and you will see…

How Effective?

The bacterial removal of 99.94 % on first use and 98.1% after 5 washes compares favourably to undiluted bleach at 91%.

Chi Cleaning is better for your Health. Chemical sensitivity, created from overexposure to environmental toxins, is a leading contributor to of a whole range of 21st century conditions, including tiredness, depression food & pollen allergies, skin, eye, and nasal sensitivities, eczema, asthma, chronic fatigue, lupus, autoimmune disorders, hormone disruption and so much more.

Chi Cleaning is also easy on your back and joints as the cloths do the hard work. The gliding motion of the mop will impress those who suffer from back or joint problems. Chi Cleaning is a lovely way to teach your children how to care for themselves and the environment.

Better for your Home. Chi Cloths eliminate the need to use and store cleaning chemicals in the home and removes the associated health risks through ingesting, absorbing and inhaling them. Gives a more hygienic clean.

Taking cleaning chemicals out of our environment has been so beneficial as I have one child with eczema and one with asthma. Now they help with the cleaning!! Debra Tan, A Happy Customer.

Better for the Earth. No chemicals means no nasties into our water and no plastics bottles in our landfill leaching into the waterways. Damage results and energy is consumed in the production, transport and recycling of all chemical cleaners and their containers (even organic). You will have peace of mind knowing that you are doing your part to preserve the environment.